News On Bispecific Antibodies

2017-12-21 14:34:27 66

M802 bispecific antibody binds to a tumor target and an immune target simultaneously to recognize and link cancer cells and immune cells, subsequently forms an effective tumor-immune cell complex in co-stimulation and induction of cytokine release, resulting recruiting of immune cells and killing of tumor cells. 

M802 is intended to be used to treat metastatic breast cancer, gastric cancer and other malignant tumors express HER2, and it is expected to solve the unmet medical needs of HER2 monoclonal antibody in aspects of narrow indications, susceptibility to relapse, metastasis and high cost. 

Bispecific antibody can combine two different antigens at the same time, breaking the bottleneck of monoclonal antibody in target selection, and it is the important development direction of new generation antibody drug. The development of bispecific antibody drugs in China has also been emerging rapidly, with the global biotech company investing heavily bispecific antibodies-based medicines.