On company governance, the board pays high attention to intra-company control and risk management, continuously enhances the ability of the company’s overall risk management and improves the compliance management level. The company will constantly optimize the board operation mechanism, support the scientific decisions of the board, and will actively take the responsibilities for the shareholders, clients, employees, and social stakeholders.

March, 2018    --→      Signed a cooperation agreement with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to co-develop new target monoclonal antibodies.

February, 2018    --→    Human phage display antibody library was purchased by the Cancer Institute of Stanford University, USA. Follow-up research results will be shared synchronously.

November, 2017    --→    The company's innovation pace has reached a new level. Therefore, it won the certificate of Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise.

October, 2017    --→    Set up Liaoning Beihui Professional Cooperatives of Alpaca Farming, and created the single-domain antibody industry chain.

July, 2017    --→    Built strategic cooperation with Beijing Youren Biology Science & Technology Co., Ltd, to develop cellular immunotherapy CAR-T techniques and bispecific antibody products.

December, 2016     --→   Built up the wholly-owned subsidiary corporation in Maryland, USA, thus established the pattern of Sino-US R&D Center.

April, 2016   --→    The company was set up and launched at Beijing Zhongguancun Biomedical Park, where it boasts for significant regional advantages.