Andy Qingan Yuan,袁清安

  • Post-doctor of Fox Chase Cancer Center affiliated to NIH

    Entered Impclone (Lilly) as a senior scientist

    Joined MedImmune (AstraZeneca) as a senior scientist

    Joined the American R&D Center of Kelun Pharmaceutical as the director of biological macromolecule discovery and engineering

    Create a partner and serve as a CSO of Ecotech

    Scientific research achievements include the humanization technology of mouse antibody (the first in China and the international invention patent), the development of antibody-like platform, the establishment of a large-capacity human natural antibody library and alpaca library, the screening, separation and identification of lead antibodies, the maturation of antibody affinity, the optimization of proprietary drugs, the development of bispecific antibodies, ADC and CAR-T. Several projects involved in research and development have entered clinical trials. So far, it has 8 American invention patents for antibody technology, 1 Chinese invention patent, and published more than 30 academic articles and books at home and abroad


Andrew Meng,孟庆武

Years of work and further study experience at Johns Hopkins University in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada

Core founder and founder of Shenzhen Haiwang Bioengineering Co., Ltd

Scientist of the Antibody Drug Design and Protein Engineering Department of MedImmune (AstraZeneca)

Partner and CEO of Ecotech

He has been engaged in research and development of monoclonal antibody drugs and bispecific antibody drugs for a long time, quality control of therapeutic protein drugs, CMC, GMP and drug quality management, new drug application, etc; So far, it has owned 1 authorized invention patent, 3 applied patents, and published more than 20 academic papers, scientific books and conference reports



Doctor, Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

CEO of Ecotech

It has many experiences in the development and production of biological drugs, including bispecific antibodies, coagulation factors FVIII, CAR-T, CAR-NK; Proficient in CMC, GMP, pharmacodynamics and safety evaluation of biological drugs; 8 invention patents have been applied, of which 6 have been authorized and 4 have been transformed into enterprises