Antibody Affinity Maturation

2018-04-02 11:10:26 25

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There are two ways to optimize antibody affinity in EXCYTE: Single point complete randomization combined with hot spot combination pathway (PM) and segment complete block mutation (BM) pathway. The former is usually used for minor affinity enhancement and minimal sequence transformation, and the latter is used for significant affinity maturation.

Antibody mutants can be expressed by prokaryotic system and/or eukaryotic system in EXCYTE. Both platforms have the ability of high throughput screening, and significantly shorten the optimization timeline of antibody affinity.

EXCYTE has a unique hotspot scanning technology named iPASS. This technique can quickly determine the position in an antibody sequence that have gain/loss effect on the expression level of affinity/antibody, thus greatly improves the efficiency of antibody modification.