Antibody humanization

2023-04-07 16:07:28 admin 10

Based on bioinformatics and small-scale expression library, the humanization technology of Yikester antibody has designed the sequence combination with the highest degree of humanization. These different combinations of humanized clones are synchronously expressed in the mammalian cell expression system, and antibody samples that can detect both binding ability and biological functional activity are immediately provided.

The humanized design of Exter breaks away from the dependence on the three-dimensional structure information of the antibody, but combines the latest humanized design concept, comprehensively considers the amino acids in the frame region sequence that may affect the structure and function of the antibody CDR, and strives to carry out complete humanized replacement. At the same time, on the basis of minimizing the impact on affinity, the humanization scheme of Equester simultaneously optimizes the physical and chemical properties (expression, coagulation, stability, etc.) of the antibody through combination selection, facilitating the downstream development process development of drug antibody.

The small scale expression combination library technology of IKEST will be able to synchronously express hundreds of antibodies with different gene sequences, and provide sufficient purified samples for physical, chemical and biochemical experiments, including flow cytometry, antibody affinity, aggregation tendency and concentration dependent biological activity analysis, so as to quickly obtain the most candidate antibody clones.