Diagnostic and therapeutic neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19

2023-04-07 16:03:15 admin 10

1、 Diagnostic antibody

1. On-site testing and screening can be conducted without special site and professional equipment.

2. The detection accuracy is high, which can significantly reduce false negative results, missed detection, false detection and repeated detection.

3. The test time is short, and the test results are given within 30 minutes.

4. It has low cost and can be prepared on a large scale to meet social needs.

2、 Neutralizing antibody for treatment

1. The natural phage antibody library screened out the whole human antibody, which does not need humanization treatment

2. It is not only applicable to the screening of antibodies at the level of monomer of S protein of COVID-19, but also applicable to the screening of antibodies against natural conformation of S protein trimer at the level of cell and pseudovirus

3. Monoclonal antibodies with high affinity can be quickly screened, which is several months shorter than the current general method

4. The screened antibodies have good physical and chemical properties, reducing the difficulty of CMC in the later stage