• Llama Naive Nanobody Phage Display Library

    EXCYTE Llama phage display nanobody library is built by acquiring PBMC of 13 different llama with different color, age and sex.

    2018/04/24 49

  • Antibody Affinity Maturation

    There are two ways to optimize antibody affinity in EXCYTE: Single point complete randomization combined with hot spot combination pathway (PM) and segment complete block mutation (BM) pathway.

    2018/04/02 25

  • Human Naive Antibody Phage Display Library

    EXCYTE naive antibody phage display library is built by acquiring the PBMC of 25 healthy people from around the world.

    2018/04/02 40

  • Antibody Humanization

    EXCYTE antibody humanization technology is based on bioinformatics and small-scale expression combination library to generate humanized sequence combinations with the highest “human” homology.

    2018/04/02 23

  • Customer Antibody

    EXCYTE has a world-class antibody library resources (human naive antibody phage display library, 2x1010 CFU and Llama naïve nanobody phage display library, 5x109 CFU), available for customers to screen, optimize specific pilot antibodies (hits and Leads)for any target of interest.

    2018/04/02 27

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