• YK012

    YK012 product adopts the quality by design concept of innovative immune double antibody design, and the bispecific antibody targeting CD3 and CD19 developed on the basis of the FIST platform with uniq

    2023/02/24 admin 16

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19

    1、 Diagnostic antibody1. On-site testing and screening can be conducted without special site and professional equipment.2. The detection accuracy is high, which can significantly reduce false negative

    2023/02/13 admin 2

  • Human natural antibody phage display library

    By acquiring peripheral blood lymphocyte antibody gene libraries from 25 healthy people around the world (including Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Latin Americans, Caucasians, A

    2023/02/13 admin 1

  • maturation of antibody affinity

    There are two ways to optimize the antibody affinity of IKEST: single point complete random mutation combined with hot spot combination (PM) and segment complete random mutation (BM). The former is us

    2023/02/13 admin 0

  • Antibody humanization

    Based on bioinformatics and small-scale expression library, the humanization technology of Yikester antibody has designed the sequence combination with the highest degree of humanization. These differ

    2023/02/13 admin 1

  • Antibody customization

    EXCYTE has world-class antibody library resources (human natural antibody phage display library, 5X1010 cfu, alpaca natural nanoantibody phage display library, 1X109 cfu), which can screen and optimiz

    2023/02/13 admin 2

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