• Antibody customization

    EXCYTE has world-class antibody library resources (human natural antibody phage display library, 5X1010 cfu, alpaca natural nanoantibody phage display library, 1X109 cfu), which can screen and optimiz

    2023/04/07 admin 15

  • Antibody humanization

    Based on bioinformatics and small-scale expression library, the humanization technology of Yikester antibody has designed the sequence combination with the highest degree of humanization. These differ

    2023/04/07 admin 10

  • Human natural antibody phage display library

    By acquiring peripheral blood lymphocyte antibody gene libraries from 25 healthy people around the world (including Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Latin Americans, Caucasians, A

    2023/04/07 admin 10

  • maturation of antibody affinity

    There are two ways to optimize the antibody affinity of IKEST: single point complete random mutation combined with hot spot combination (PM) and segment complete random mutation (BM). The former is us

    2023/04/07 admin 9

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19

    1、 Diagnostic antibody1. On-site testing and screening can be conducted without special site and professional equipment.2. The detection accuracy is high, which can significantly reduce false negative

    2023/04/07 admin 10

  • Alpaca antigen injection and alpaca blood collection

    EXCYTE participated in the establishment of Liaoning Beihui alpaca breeding base.

    2023/02/13 admin 10

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